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Picture Save Issue


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Hi folks. I am having a problem saving pictures from this forum. When I right-click onto a picture to use the Save As feature I get a dialog box which saves the picture with an extension of "asp" but actually it doesn't save it at all. Is there anyway to save the picture with its default extension?


Thanks in advance, Tassos Ringas

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What the heck...

You probablly somtime in the life of your windows installation installed any download managment program which takes over this save as, save target as... and so on. I mean reget, getright gozilla ... and others.

Anyway, Windows is a 'drag and drop'... right?

Left click on the image you see in the browser, and hold, drag over to the desktop, and release mouse button there. In other words - drag the image to your desktop, or any desired folder.

Simple as that.

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