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Intel CPU for new render machine

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Getting started on a new machine. Was planning on building it around the core i7 960. Intel is releasing its new 980x gulftown in one month....6 cores at 3.33 ghz.


I am thinking about just sticking with the 960 since it is difficult to justify an extra $420 for a 25% gain in performance, but I am planning on having this machine for at least 5 years and I would like to "future proof" it as much as I can.


any opinions?


only comparison I have is jumping from a core 2 duo to a core i7 of equal speed, and in terms of renderings, its a pretty nice jump. 4 cores 8 threads vs 6 cores 12 threads. Releasing the core i7 970 in 6-7 months that will make the 960 obsolete.


I used cad, sketchup, revit, max, and adobe....usually simultaneously.

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I recently was researching similar problem and in the end I added few $$ and went with dual Xeon 5520. Even at slower clock speeds that thing is screaming. Before I was running on a 3.4 overclocked Quad Yorkfield and even though I'm around 1.2 GHz slower per core it simply kills my old setup. With 16 threads, I'm certain I won't be needing another system for a while. And IF I do I'll simply switch CPU's alone to get higher clock #'s.

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I've been doing a bit of testing lately and my 2.7GHz Core 2 Quad is only 40% slower than a 2.8GHz Core i7 860 in multithreaded rendering. Now I know, 40% sounds like a lot, but this is a CPU that was introduced 2.5 years ago and was nowhere near top of the line at the time, so I'd say it's holding up pretty well actually.


Last month I finally got around to selling my previous CPU, a Core 2 Duo E6400, on Ebay and it went for $57 plus shipping, so your Quad is worth more than $50 :)

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