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Curved Wall Cladding


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Ok heres the thing. I want to model the cladding on a curved wall. Usually for cladding i have used the floor generator or sometimes (depending on the layout required) i have hand placed the cladding panels. However, previously this was always on flat surfaces and fairly straight walls. Any ideas how i could go about doing this. Panels are just simple rectangles maybe 4000 x 1000. I could just do them on an individual basis by drawing a line at the correct profile and extruding, but i was wondering if there was a quicker way. I have already tried laying them flat and applying a bend mod but this didn't work.


Any ideas?





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Cheers for the replys guys, i considered these. Looks like it would have to be good old fashioned hard work for this one. Lots of tweaking. Unfortunatly in the past 20 minutes things have changed and this image is surplus to requirment so i basicaly make it look good as is. Gutted would have a been nice one too!


Thanks anyway guys.

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