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Path constaint help


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I've done this before but forgotten how.


I have a dummy with a path contraint assigned to a spilne. Set to follow.


The path is curved in all axis, so has a height difference along it.


I just want to lock the axis so it doesn't rotate in X or Y and just moves up and down but is always facing along the spline from the top view.


Imaging walking along some hills,following a path, taking in the view, but never tilting your head up or down or from side to side.


Hope this makes sense.



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Hi Jim

Create a dummy and use path constraint on the dummy. Tick the follow box.

Now align your object with the start of the path so you are looking in correct direction. Once this is done link your object to the dummy and go to Link Info in the pivot section and turn off all the rotate checkboxes. That should do it.

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