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Direct IES lights and ambient light


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What is the best approach to lighting an interior space?


I have a room that is illuminated from recessed flourscent fixtures and recessed ceiling lights. The images look okay but not spectacular.


Should I have a generic IES ambient light in my space also or should the room be illumiated by just the many direct lights in the space?


I am using a vray camera, iso400, f8 and film speed 140.





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"As far as AA goes, Adaptive DMC, Micthell for the filter.... "


I am trying to resolve that muddy look, I'm working on updating the materials as we speak...


I've never sure which filter works best, so I keep trying one and reading about another, etc..etc...

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After series of tests I'm starting to realize that IES lights actually slow down rendering. I have a scene with 27 lights and I get about 15% faster render times using regular ones. I'm on VRay 1.5 sp4

Thing is that none of them comes close to IES :)

I always use IES whenever I can. They just look much more interesting.

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