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Fair-compensation advice needed 3D project (hourly, indep. contract)


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Probably not the best board, but trying to get some general advice.




So I need to ask for hourly wages for a project I’m finishing. It’s a major project I’m working on in my last week at work, but due to a contract mix-up, I need go to hourly as an independent contract (IE: no benefits, etc).




So I just need advice on fair compensation for my work, which includes:

- modeling, texturing, rendering

- animating (the mechanical components)

- managing the render cluster

- creating the video (compositing/editing in other software)




Here’s an image from the project in question, everything is by me (the screen has a video playing back in sync). And if it matters when thinking of COL, I am in Tokyo, but feel free to give US wage ideas ($)







I'm pretty much the sole arbiter of this project. They won't finish it in time without my help and it's still in pieces that they don't understand how to use since I'm the only one who does this work here.

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Hey Reid

Typically you set the price on a contract BEFORE you begin work. If you perform a search in these boards you will find lots of other threads of people asking how to price. Bottom line is there is no standard one price for everyone. You charge however much you think your work is reasonably worth. Take into consideration the amount of hours u took, the purpose of the project(is it a multi-million dollar resort, or a a simple little house) ect ect. Typical numbers in the US for hour wages are between 20 all the way to 200 an hour.

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