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VPN rendering with Maxwell?


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So one thing I've noticed about Maxwell Render 2: It's takes a bloody long time for it to render to a smooth result! I've got a simple scene with one emitter, a bit of an HDR environment, and a table with objects on it. Rendering to 1920×1080 has taken, so far, over 60 hours. And it's still quite grainy! To get that lampshade looking smooth, I expect Maxwell to take at least another 200 hours!


Which brings me to my question: Is there any chance that I can use Maxwell's network rendering capabilities through the internet?


I've got a computer at work that basically sits idle when I'm not on it. During a weekend, it would be nice to do some cooperative rendering between my home computer and my work computer. Both have Windows 7 and I'm assuming that I'll need a VPN. No problem, I've got Hamachi working fine on both systems right now.


I just need to know the next step. To get the Render Manager and Monitor to recognize the Render Node running on the work PC. Any ideas? For that matter, is this even possible/worthwhile at all? Thanks!

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