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New render plugin testers needed

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Hi Guys,


I am from ArtVPS and am involved in the development of a new render plug-in for SketchUp. We want real world users at all levels to get involved and having spoken to Jeff Mottle - he thought you guys might be able to help! If you'd like to become a beta tester, please complete this short questionnaire





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Thanks again for all your responses, we nearly have enough people so if you do want to be part of the testing please fill in the survey.


Once we have enough people we will contact everybody that has shown interest and run through the schedule and what we will be looking for.

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Just wanted to update and thank everybody who has filled in the survey.


We just need a few more people. We would especially like to hear from more people who are just starting out or occasional users.


We are now putting together some information that will be coming over to the people that wanted to be testers. We will be in contact next week.

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