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noob question - how to display image render info?

wasteland giant

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if your looking for the settings in mental ray then you'll be looking forever :)


in vray however you can do it (can't remember from memory but the fact you haven't found it suggests you're using mental ray)


if you can do it in mental ray i apologise and would like to know how though


but just do it in photoshop anyway

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in vray - http://www.spot3d.com/vray/help/150SP1/render_params_system.htm#frameStamp


and in max, but it is only informations about polygon count - righ click on name of default viewport (left up) -> configure -> statistics


or do you mean vray log? - http://www.spot3d.com/vray/help/150SP1/render_params_system.htm#vrayLog


or what kind of information do you looking for?

that render dialog window poping up only when you are rendering/automaticly/, and you cant call it after render

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i was thinking of something similar yesterday.


i'd like to be able to save some of the rendering settings (mental ray) with the image.


stats like FG settings / exposure controls and such.....would be very useful.


could you export the rendering settings as a text file ?

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you can save out a preset file pretty easily which should do exactly what you want. Search for preset rendering options in the max help file.


But no, mental ray doesn't natively create a framestamp like vray does AFAIK.


I've done a bit of searchinng but it seems a log files is the next thing...

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