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Renderfarm with both XP64 and Win7


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Hi all,


This question might have been asked already, but I didn't find the answer (using the search tool).


I would like to add a computer to my renderfarm and the new configuration needs to run with Windows 7 (for blu-ray writer compatibility amongst other things).

My question is: Will DR work properly if all the other slaves run with WinXP64 (as well as my workstation)?


For info, I use Max Design 2010 and Vray 1.50 SP4a.

I don't think I am ready to switch my worksation to Windows 7 quite yet...


Thanks a lot in advance for your replies!!

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I am currently using a "mixed" render farm myself with both XP64 and Win7 and I have had no issues with Vray projects sent from Max 2009. I havn't used distributed rendering in ages so I can't verify it's integrity however I'm sure it will work just fine. Perhaps this question should be echoed in the Chaosgroup forums to be sure.

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