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Error importing DWG and DWF into max


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Hello all,:)


I hesitate wether to post this under 3DS max or Autocad. Since the problem origins from a file made under autocad 2010, here it is.


First of all, I'm not a CAD user. In front of Autocad, I'm like a chicken who just found a knife in the courtyard. I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about this software.:confused:


Still, I managed to import DWG files (plans and elevations) into my max 2009 x64 with no problems in the past (with DWG files coming from CAD 2007).


This time, the files are coming from autocad 2010. When I try to merge or import the file into max 2009, I get this error message :


"Unable to open: C:/Users blablabla .dwg


The error code reported is eNotImplementedYet":eek:


Now, I have strictly, absolutely not the faintest speck of idea what to do about this. I just hope someone could help deal with this, because I really don't want to have to print screen the stuff I see in CAD to make jpegs for my viewport backgrounds! That would really suck...


Anyway, thanks for reading and for your help!


Best regards,:)



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ACAD 2010 has a new DWG file format so Max 2009 has no idea how to open it. I don't know if Max2010 read the ACAD2010 format (anyone?) but if you're stuck on Max2009 you can always ask to get the DWG's saved down to the ACAD 2007 format which is compatible with MAX 2009.

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yup - i think you just need to back save as 2007 format.


i'd offer to do it for you, but all you need is to download the 'true convert' utility from autodesk, which can do that for you.


this is all assuming that you don't have autocad yourself. if you do, just 'saveas' and choose 2007 format.

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