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triangle glass wall

Jackie Teh

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hi to all, i don't know whether this is the correct place for me to post this question or not, someone please help me to shift this post if i am wrong, thank you.


my question is i have no idea how i gonna start to build the triangle glass wall which i have circle it with red line in the reference picture, hoping someone could give me some help, thanks.

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Hi Teh


That is a bit tricky. You could perhaps start with one polygon and shift cloning the edges to to form new ones until you have roughed out the shape you want. This gives you the advantage of controlling the amount and uniformity of the polygon tessellation. You could begin with a primitive shape of some kind, but individual poly editing may provide more control.


There are numerous box modelling tutorials on the net for cars, faces and so on that may be helpful.


Once you have the rough shape you could then apply a meshsmooth to add more facets. You may even need to control vertex weight and edge creasing depending on what shape you want. The tessellate modifier may also be an option.


Save a copy to one side (just in case things go haywire) and convert to editable mesh. Select all edges and press the Visible button to make the triangle edges appear. The "turn" button could be used to reorientate the various triangle edges and I guess there is no getting around the fact that you will need to spend time moving vertices around.


An alternative to the above is to leave as edit poly and use the cut tool and quickslice to manually draw the triangle struts. How you go depends if on if you are trying to match a reference elevation exactly or whether you are just trying to make a triangley blob.


Once you have your wall, make a reference copy on top of itself by pressing Ctrl V with the shape selected (don't make an instance) and apply a lattice modifier to the reference to make the mullions, and the original shape can be assigned a glass material. Now when you move any of the glass wall vertices around the struts will follow.


Good luck

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I noticed that in some places there are obvious tiers. I thought a poly modelling approach would help there. Extrude a group of edges (I like shift-move, myself) and rotate/scale/move the result as needed. This would help create lots of geometry quickly and help preserve some of the underlying structure. Then would probably have to edit the tris by hand.


There's that "create topography" tool in Polyboost/TheNewTools that will impose triangle patterns, I wonder if that might be a useful step.

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