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1.16GB SAT file import problem

Dave Buckley

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Has anyone had any issues when trying to import large SAT files


i'm using max design 2010 with the connection extension, i have a sat file exported from inventor resulting in a 1.16gb file. Yes its a huge model full factory with all services etc.


i've managed to get the export done after about 20mins of waiting, all seemed ok though, now when i try and import into max it pops up with the import dialogue and then hangs at 1%, after about 10mins the import progress disappears and then nothing (no errors, max just looks like i've just reset it.


machine should be ok, XP64 8GB RAM


any ideas


i'm now going to try to import as a family into revit then fbx out of revit


in the meantime please offer advice as this is causing massive problems

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Wow - haven't ever had to import a file of that size myself....


Generic suggestion but the only thing I can think of - can you have the SAT file exported in chunks / layers of some sort? Presumably you're hitting the performance ceiling Max has where once there are X number of objects everything grinds to a halt. Reducing the number of objects coming in at once may help get you through it.

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I wouldn't be so quick to write off not enough RAM as the problem, and I also wouldn't go via FBX.


I have had Max using eating 15-20gbs in the past when not paying attention, and joining objects. So don't be surprised if Max shoots past 8, and either crashes, or starts tapping the hard drive causing things to run really slow.


As for FBX. It is really really bad at curved surfaces coming out of Revit. At least this has been my experience.


I agree with Chris on chunking the file import. It seems like the most logical way that is nearly guaranteed to work.

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ok so i've tried importing individual inventor assemblies that make up the master assembly.


only problem is, they lose their connection with the master assembly in terms of where they sit in 3d coordinate space, so after merging all resulting files together everything is sat on top of each other, just not feasible in given timescales to manual reassemble the model taking into account the size of this thing.


and it is eating my ram, i've now got my page file set at 30GB :)

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