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VRay DR- gigabit vs 10/100 speeds


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I am currently using VRay and VRayRT in conjunction with a Netgear 10/100 wireless router. The router I use to both get Internet and connect my small render farm (4 PCs).

I recently started working on large scenes ( 800 000+ polygons) in my 3DS Max and was wondering would there be any speed increase if I ditched my current router and moved to gigabit switch. That's 10/100 vs 10/100/1000 speeds.

My main problem is that I have to wait for about a minute every time I start VRAyRT distributed rendering for the external files to load on all machines and for the connection being established. I have similar problem with Vray distributed rendering in terms of delays.

One more question- are my current CAT5e cables enough to support a gigabit connection or I MUST get the CAT6 LAN cables?


Anyone with experience on the topic?

Thank you.

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Hey branskyj,

Ive got exactly the same problem as you. scene's are taking a long time to send through the network to the vrayspawner machines, and they dont kick in until half way through the render, it'd be great if they connected immediately.

It's no problem with smaller scenes.


I also believe it's a windows network speed issue. I just wanted to know if you've made any progress with this as im also after a solution.


your help would be greatly appreciated.


cheers !


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