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Achieve or archive?


Why would you want to break the links? You can set all updates in Plotmaker to manual, so you get the version "as it was". And then print to PDF-files as a real printable archive file.


You can archive the ArchiCAD file into a PLA-file, that keeps the current used library elements, so the whole project is "fixed" for eternity. You can still open, modify and print this, when needed, when you open the PLA.


When you modify library elements, the next time you load a file which uses them, it will be updated as well. That's why you could want an archive file, so it won't change anymore.

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So what happens when you want to send a client a revision and you have a saved pla. file how do you know what part of that drawing they want if you don't have a plotmaker archive?


A drawing may contain details, sections and plans on the same drawing file but the revision you want to send may be only the elevation.


So how do you save the plotmaker file in a safe way so it reatins all the information, but no one can accidently or purposefully over write it?

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