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Need lighting help


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I'm using ADT2004 Viz

How do i Put the lights in an interior scene ?

I tried 75 w. light bulbs near the ceiling,but only get reflection on ceiling.

Where do i place them to get correct lighting ?

Can anyone explain how to do interior lighting ?

Also what are the best lights to use ?

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i'm not an expert but.. let's ry to explain




photometric bulbs are not really 'visible'

you need to put a visible source (like a 3d glass bulb)

the photometric bulb only emits lihght that can get reflected so u can see the bulb's reflection in ceilling or in a mirror

if u want to see a source model one and put the photomoetric bulb in it


and neverfprget phometric lights are real world scale lights so u won't light more than a closet with a 75w alone bulb!! if u want to light a normal room u need many 75w bulbs (like in real life see ur home one halogen is 400w dudde!!)


hope this could help


see this for an exemple only 2 sources of light (75 & 100 w bulbs) enclosed in transparent 60% white plastic emit 500 or 700 of light) and another strong light outisde (other sources behind cam)



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Try to make a reflective surface that is transparent with a reflective distance of about 6 inches. This way you can place a bulb close enough to the ceiling and get the light and possibly the reflection. Also, try to exclude the reflective plane from shadows and lights. I think it will still pick up the relection, but I am not sure.

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