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Intellimouse misbehaviour


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After putting it off for a long time, I am starting to educate myself on ADT 3.3 with the help of Paul Aubin's excellent book 'Mastering Autodesk Architectural Desktop'. Previously, all my drawing has been done with AutoCAD LT 2000i.


However, at this early stage I am being irritated by an unexpected change in behaviour of the scroll wheel on my Microsoft Intellimouse.


Normally, I have MBUTTONPAN=1 and expect to zoom by scrolling the wheel, pan by pressing and holding the wheel and zoom to extents by clicking the wheel. For reasons beyond my current limited understanding of ADT, the panning and zoom-to-extents facilities have stopped working.


Originally, the scrolling zoom was also failing to work, but the 'Troubleshooter' facility on the Intellimouse Properties dialogue box was able to fix this particular fault - but not the others.


Can anyone please tell me how to make my mouse behave properly again? Neither Aubin's book, the standard ADT manual or the online help seem to address such a problem.


Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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