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linkin views to viz render???


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was anyone able to link at least once a view to vizrender?


i can't (i can but it takes a f....' bunch of time and i can't get no radiosity solution....)


does anyone know why?

(when i want to render a full model i create a new .dwg which in i copy all my constructs creatin a huge file... i would prefer usin a view if possible....)

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well i was a little upset when postin precedent post


but i think i have a little pb anyway

ican link but it's very long and after i have many time problem with the files... very strange indeed

huge projects don't seem to link anyway

did anyone experiment same problem?

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I have successful linking but the projects are not that big – mainly domestic housing in scale. I use the project manager to create various view files of the project, I use only the constructs which contribute to the particular view I want of the model and then link.


I do have some issues sometimes with updating the links but have generally found that it works well.


What are the specs of the computer system being used?



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cpu specs:

dual athlon mp2200+

msi k7d master (6501) motherboard chipste amd760mpx

Quadro fx500 (formerly had a radeon caused many crash with autodesk and discreet products....)

antec truepower 550w



problem is not da cpu!


problem happens with large compositions using many constructs (small urabn project , many building, windows styles....) impossible to link

or linked after 1 or 2 hours!

same problem with radiosity solution!!


smaller files (single family house, flat with all appliances and furniture) seem to link correctly...

autodesk france was not able to help me about that bulls..t!!


so i still have to put all construct together in 1 file (huge file) to link and render...

(that is stupid cause i loose all ability to modify! (or i have to make each construct a block so i can modify block and then the huge file gets updated, stupid way fastidious way...)

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From what you indicate, maybe the scale of what you are working on is outside the feasible envelope of ADT4/Viz Render and the hardware you are using. Since ADT is based on AutoCAD, the models are constructed in a “high precision” database. As you move further away from 0,0,0, the accuracy falls off.


For the majority of work, you do not see the issue but where you are working 500Km from 0,0,0 and the base AutoCAD unit is in millimetres, you find that the end point of lines may not meet. Viz Render does not seem to have any precision settings in the way the Viz 4.


I have a colleague who is currently undertaking the drawings of power station, The 2D is derived from 3D models of the station using extensive xref hierarchies – one file load is 80Mb. He used millimetres as his base units and is working in 250 Km from the 0,0,0. He is having similar issues to you.


Possible approaches are: Move the move a close to 0,0,0 as possible, use a courser unit in the AutoCAD – maybe metres instead of millimetres, or move the rendering to an application which will allow you to have some control on the precision, and has xref capability to control the model detail and content. Maybe Viz or Max 6?



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working using meters...


base point always near 0,0,0 ( a few meters away)


problem seems to be x-ref related cause even huge huge models get quickly exported when no x-ref in it... (biggets model exported was 28mb when a view is a few kb and many x-ref))


but i'm not really sure


thx anyway

(or maybe i misunderstood all what u said, i'm tired & my anglish s not so good..)

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