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waiting room


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Ahlan Itay.

Image looks nice.

Perhaps with such a strong light from the outside, the shaded areas need to be a little more lit. You ca try increasing the dark multi and/or the indirect multi.

Regardless, rendering time looks too high, so I guess it still needs some tweaking.

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thanks for the comments everyone, here is another render, i've improved rendering time from 4:30h to 1:17h, so thats good news, but i still have a problem with the image in the window..once i render with the drapes it burns out the picture in the edges, i dont know how to fix that. and theres still repartition in the floor because i'm using a jpg for the floor. maybe i'll change that image.

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thanks, sure why not ;)

the carpet is 2d vray displacment with a red carpet bitmap in the diffuse channel and a b/w one as the displace map.

and the curtain:

1. spline

2. outline the spline (0.2cm).

3. extrude (patch) with a few segments.

4. fdd (box) modifier for deformation.

5. vray material with a noise in the refraction channel.

thats about it! now i'll do a night version..

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The lighting is looking great, but there is something uneasy about the scale of the objects??? The couch, lamp and table seem small to the room??? It could be the style you're going for though, but if it is, you may want to exagerrate the scale of the rest of the room too. The proportions of the window in the door seem odd as well, the window seems too big, making the door look too small width wise. You would want a handle as well, or a pull tab for a sliding door...


That rug is great!

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