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objects dissapear in shademode

Johann Hudtwalcker

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hi guys....


having some problems here..


whenever i change the shademode to any different from wireframe, all my

objects in isometric or perspective view dissapear...

also, when I use Orbit, the objects dissapear, and I can tell, because of

the ucsicon, that the orbit function is only working in the X axis...


any Idea??

if you wish, I could upload the file...


thanks in advance



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hola Fernando... ya había pensado en eso, pero todos los layers están prendidos...


y no te puedo pasar el archivo... dice que es muy pesado... :(




hi Fernando!! I had already review the layer thing, but they are all on and thaw...


and i could not upload the file... it seems to be too heavy... :(

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