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NPR Test


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I'm trying to work some NPR style/techniques, though at the moment, the direction is not yet clear-cut wether I'll be aiming for watercolor, marker, oil, chalk or mixed-media. In this one, I wanted it to look like an old sketching or something like that...


What do you think of this? Sorry for posting a large image, I wanted to show the fine details.







(Sponza again??!!^%$%$#%):o

I'll post some real work in NPR soon

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I think it´s great.


There is a little bit of an issue with the interference of noise and line jitter - you know like when your view is a bit too close to a bump map.

Also the linework is a little bit too full for my taste - shadow edges for example are to obvious - you probably used a "find edges" filter, right? Thats good but the shadows become a little too geometrisized when the edges are highlighted like that.

On the other hand this is also what happens when doing a wet watercolour painting. When the areas dry up a lot of the pigment is caught at the edges of the colored area - this also emphasises the edges of the shadows...


If you compare your image with some of Ernest´s work I think what stands out is the difference in the integration of the linework with the rest of the layers.


Doing such good work I would look at these issues if you want to develop it further.


Anyway, as I said - it´s great. These issues did not make me go "huh?" when I first looked at the image - it´s much more subtle than that.


Also - could you do a comprehensive tut here?

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Here are some more recent NPR Tests

The lines were generated with Mental Ray Contour shaders (Its better than the Ink n' paint material) then layered in PS.




What do you think guys? can this pass for Clients wanting NPR or traditional looking renders?


Would these styles warrant a comprehensive tutorial already?

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