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Stair with winderstep


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Hallo everyone..


This is my first message in the CGarchitect forum... but I read your messages everyday...


I have a problem with ADT2004. I started to learn this program few day ago, but I found it not very easy to learn ...


I'm using ACAD since 5 years, and I know it very well... but ADT2004 is very hard to me!


That's the problem:

I have a Stair with a [] shape, like a tower stair...

I have 4 landings, but the first landing has what in Italian we call "piè d'oca", I think in english is winder, with only one step at 45°.

I found the way of making an L stair with a landing of this type... but... how I continue it? How can I make the other landings without the option of the winderstep?


I hope to be more or less clear... forgive my basic english... but is very difficult to explain technical data that I know only in italian...


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Gabriella



Sorry I have not replied sooner - ADT can be quite difficult to learn but once you get into the concepts things start to fall into place.



The ADT4 project manager allows you to set levels (storeys) in the building. Each stair stack in placed in the storey construct and these storeys are combined to a view of the building. A section through the complete stair is taken through the view drawing. The stairs are able to be changed within each construct i.e. the first level will have the 45 angle the other constructs will use different angles.



Being familiar with xrefs will assist you in understanding the process.



Hope this helps.








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