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Hirshhorn museum


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hi manuel,

the first thing one may notice, given the kind of photorealistic image you're trying to achieve, is a texture problem. your rendering would problably benefit of a more detailed environment (paths, grass and maybe a background picture). another thing is a scale problem, those stones in the foreground look a bit too big to me as if the museum wouldn't fit the environment (or maybe the other way round, but the result is the same).

quite apart from that: did you use any GI or skylight? it looks like you didn't take advantage of all the features of brazil for exterior renderings.


by the way, the actual shape of the museum is a bit different from your model, as you can see in this picture.

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Thank you very much Rivoli, that's the kind of helping critiques that I was looking for.

I thought that something was wrong in the image but I wasn't able to see it.

Yes, I have used skylight in Brazil but I'm not yet very good using it.

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