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New and need assistance : Spec search


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Hello, First time post, short time lurker!


I am in dire need of any building and lot plans for commercial buildings... Including but not limited to; Offices (1 to 5 story), Apartment buildings (1-2-3 story), Grocery stores, etc...


I do not need detailed plans, but more or less elevation data, height, width... General stuff.


To explain better, I am doing real-time modelling for simulations for driver training, so driveways / parking / buildings do not need to be exact, but at least represent scale...


I have all the dimensions I need for parking stalls and stuff, its just the buildings size, and overhead, blueprint style views of how they are layed out on a lot...


I could find alot of layouts, mostly fancy ones, but nothing for measurements...


Anyway, I search alot of places for fast food joints and commercial buildings, but nothing very useful. Any good links for this sort of thing??? I did check the links here, but didn't find what I needed...


I am new at this architectual stuff, so maybe I am just not searching using the "lingo" I need to find this...


Thanks, sorry for the long winded post! :p

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Thanks for the link, but I need to create these from scratch and not use others work... So I just need some basic references short of going out this weekend lookin' like a dork with my tape measure, dodging drive-thru traffic... LOL :D

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Why not call a couple of local architects and offer them the chance of having their buildings immortalised in a driver training movie, in exchange for a few blueprints of their recent work - heck, they may have even built some basic 3D models that you could map yourself?


You could even offer them the chance to advertise their name on billboards, fascia signs, in the scene , etc.


Perhaps they'd even pay you to do that ; )


Good luck.

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NOW THAT! Is a good idea... I am very very new to this stuff, so thank you for getting me some info, even though it may seem relative to you experts here ;)


The Dosch stuff is nice, and that may be the route I take when we start populating denser areas... But, the fact remains, I am still learning the tips and techniques required to make what I model and texture, work for the real time sim...


One I am comfortable with that, the ready made stuff will be the way to go!!


Thanks again for the prompt replies :) I will be calling around next week, I just had no clue if that was a good idea or not... THANKS!! :D

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I would recomend you look for aerial photos of areas that represent the types of urban density that you need to recreate for the driver training program. Terraserver has good photos to use, if you know the basic dimensions for roadways, parking spaces, sidewalks etc., you can figure out the scale for the rest of the objects in the photo. You can then take elements from different photos to create a typical arrangement and start building your models.


Building heights can probably be estimated just from looking at the size of the buildings in your area.



I look forward to seeing some images of your project.






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Thanks again! I have taken these suggestions and found my way to a few useful things... :)


Remember, this is for a real-time app, so it is not as fancy as some work, but it would be nice if it look like it.... Haha


Only took a couple hours to model once I got the scale and idea down... Then two days of textureing... The sidewalk material and dumpsters are the only materials I did not create from scratch... (and the trees,, oops)..


Edges are not finished, that is where they take it and mesh it into there little world... My job stops at the end of the parking lot :p


Thank you, and hope to be around a bit, first commercial gig, and I may have more questions!! :cool:

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