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Simple garden planter


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This is a simple planter box, wall and ground scene with post work on all surfaces plus painted in foliage.


I left some of the original ground visible. Can't explain why though. Guess that's why I posted it as a WIP. Fun.




PS. Went a little crazy trying to figure out the thumbnail procedure. My best guess is you shrink the image here and use the link code. Is there a simple automated implementation explained somewhere?

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Thanks, I had fun doing it.


I'm interested in working with garden type plants in architectural settings to see what be done absent full 3D plant modeling. That's what the image is about. I was testing some ideas for planter-box type plants and this test worked out.


I recently downloaded the trial version of 3DS to render one of the pre-built Archivision houses. I hope to use it to test landscaping for a complete building. I'll post something if it the tests prove relatively successful.


(How can anyone afford 3DS by the way?)

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