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It seems to me though, that anyone who really uses Revit... must have to at least consider turning up to a client meeting or site meeting and needing to access the information with something more powerful than a Revit viewer.


I mean, the whole purpose of Revit to me, seems to be where you have 'spread out' teams of people working on a project and inputting information from AutoCAD, Revit, or whatever into a common place.


Because real broadband is non-existent still outside of the United States, it is still much easier in 2004, for me to drive the miles over to the engineers/architects office/site hut and spend a day, a week, or a month working from there, to do what needs to be done, to get the project completed.


However, I cannot predict this... i really don't know whether I need to be 'gone' for a week or a few hours. In other words, very often desks in this practice, with computers on them are left unused and unoccupied for large periods of time.... we never even invested in a 'plush new office' yet... since 50% of people here, at any one time, are not even here. ... sometimes, it is only the secretary and the accounts lady.


You would just imagine that portability is a crucial thing to have with Revit. I personally wouldn't like to carry my hardware Parallel port lock around the place with me, in case the laptopl was nicked and they do get nicked.


I wouldn't mind about the laptop, as I can spend a few bucks on insurance, but the hardware locked is gone quite simply for good....


I think if you are in the united states, the laptop just dials up a server and 'transfers' your Revit license down onto your laptop... and visa versa when you return to your desktop in the office.


Whereas in Europe, it is done by using some kind of software locking mechanism, where you can unlock one computer, and lock down another computer, over a network... and away you go. So that two systems aren't running Revit at the same time.


But what happens if some morning I left house at 6.30am and was headed fifty miles down the road, and remembered I had forgotten to 'transfer' the software lock onto my laptop?


I mean, this would be a very big issue for me, if considering to go and buy Revit, or something else like MicroStation Triforma instead.... at the moment, it looks a hell of a lot more like MicroStation Triforma, even though, it would be handier, if I just stuck with an AutoDesk product, to tie in with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT if possible.


I also have to consider 'training' of other technicians in my office, they will not want a situation where I am the only asshole, using a Bentley MicroStation J product, while they are all AutoDesk product based and trained.... you see?


BTW, recently having just 'synchronised' my Pocket PC, with my dekstop...


I just ran into these difficulties with my CDRW and Outlook 2000 software... so I really don't need another massive headache at the moment. :(



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So far, I have been lucky I do not need to bring my work home (or off site) to do..... so I don't know about the trouble you would get into.. but theoretically, it should be just trouble free. Even if you have forgotten the license transfer, you would still have 24 days of "grace period"... which is more than ample enough...

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