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Is 3DS Max core obsolete?


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I've read in an article that 3dsMax core is obsolete even for Max 6.!

Is that true and how can you notice that?

so in essence you read that the Max family is obsolete? LOL :D thats just someone's point of view. the simple fact it's the world best selling 3d software must say something about it ;)



What other programs have a more updated to the "state of the art" core?

Thank you

that question is relative. each 3d program is different and does different things, and come out with up-grades at various times. thats like asking which program is technically the best?.


i'd ignore that article if i were you.

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I agree with STRAT... mostly. It is true that Max's core programming is old, but that doesn't really hinder you from using it from day to day. It does hinder programmers from writing powerful plugins that dont make it too unstable. Of course STRAT is also right about Max's popularity, so most plugin developers will jump thru the hoops to release their technology for MAX.


If you are really interested in the core program of the software you use (and again, i am not exactly sure why you would be, but lets just say that you are) then there is a CLEAR winner: Softimage XSI. It has by far the most current and powerful core system leaving the competitors in the dust! It is totaly object oriented (i am not talking about the user interaction being object oriented- they all are- but the actual core programing) and is able to maintain a totaly unique "non-linear" workflow right thru composite.


That being said, i have never learned how to use it! I use Maya and Max, both of which have not had their core technologies updated for over a decade. For that matter I render with mental ray, which also hasn't had a true core rewrite in about a decade. It is all old, but it does what i want it to do!


XSI is cool though!


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Well with the upcoming of 64 bit I gues those guys from discreet have to re-write the whole core, and therefore will be very hot and new. But the core they use now?? don't know if its obsolete. Wouldn't want to work without the max-core ;)

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"it's the world best selling 3d software must say something about it "

....um, STRAT, you DO realize that AutoCAD is the best selling CAD program, and its definilty is FAR from being "advanced" or "modern". So sheer volume of sales does not equal up-to-date app.

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I can't comment on the source code, as I have not seen the source code. Neither has anyone else for that matter.


The main thing to keep in mind is that the whole bleeding 3d universe is replete with marketing deceptions. Pay them no heed.


Take it from a dude who owns licenses on Lightwave and Maya: 3ds Max rules the roost. I am still crying in my chicken soup over the money I wasted on those apps before discovering the glories of 3ds Max.


3ds Max is the easiest power app to learn and use on a daily basis. It has the biggest collection of glorious render engines the world has ever known. With TurboSquid's toolkit, it can outclass Maya feature-for-feature in every single department. You can have Max and the TurboSquid kit for about $4,700 USD, not $7,000 USD as per Maya.


Worst of all, at $7,000 USD, Maya offers you no sound rendering solution in the box. Alias's support for MentalRay 3.2 is utterly lousy. Many, many key features of Maya will not render with MentalRay. Specifically, the water hypertextures and the painters. Take away the water fluids and painter effects from Maya and you have a very poor app indeed. Everything renders with the Maya software engine, but that quality level stinks in comparison to MentalRay.


On the other hand, every Max feature I have ever tried works in connection with MentalRay, VRay, and finalRender Stage-1. I've never used it, but I hear the same is true for Brazil. If that is an obsoleate core then give me an obsoleate core ever time.



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"3ds Max is the easiest power app to learn and use on a daily basis."... ease of use has NOTHING to do with the obsolesence of an application's core.


"It has the biggest collection of glorious render engines "... the number of quality 3rd party renderers also has NOTHING to do with the programs core, but it does have something to do with its years in the market.


I completely agree with you on the fact that MAX is a GREAT app to use and fairly easy to learn, and has some amazing 3rd party plug-in and renders, BUT that has no relationship with the fact that the 'core' is quite dated.

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