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about memory, is it really true that...?

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About memory, is it really true that when updating your RAM you have to buy the exact same memory stick, including same manufacturer / model ?, or it can be just the same specs.?


Heres the thing, first yougotta be aware that i live in Venezuela, and dollar prices are a "big issue" right now, so PC importers look for the lower price in the market, thus the PC hardware market isnt that "big" or "resourcefull" as in the US.


Plus, my current home PC was bought 3 years ago, so that reduces the chances of finding the exact same computer parts right now.


Ok, with that being said, heres my problem, yesterday i decided to upgrade my memory, i was before on 512 MB ddr (2 x 256) so i bought another 256 and now im on 768 MB ddr.


All i know is that the memory stick specs. are the same, "256 MB ddr PC2100", but im also pretty sure that theyre arent the same manufacturer/brand, or even model, since actually you can tell by looking at the memory stick that is different from the older 2 (less "chips").


Now, after installing the new memory i started my PC, so far so good the memory counting (on the DOS screen) is now on 768 mb, and i can run windows, and other applications as well, but (heres the "but"), today my VIZ closed twice without any notice, i was just doing something and it disappears, no error message, no nothing, just vanished, and last night i had troubles with a multiplayer game i play, it crashed on me a few times, altho later that night i was able to play.


Im not computer expert, but everything seems to indicate that the new memory stick is causing problems, is there a way i can be sure about this?, some program that tells me that the memory stick is broken or something?, or even some software that could tell me the exact specifications of the memory stick, to see if it differs from the other 2.


Also, is there a way i can "fix" this?, wothout of course trying to buy another memory, since i dont have the money and as i said before, the chances that i find the exact same memory in the market are pretttttttttttttttttttttty low.


PS: i also asked to a friend of mine, whos the "PC guy" (support) at some company in here, and he told me that in his experience the memory doesnt have to be the exact same model / manufacturer, it just has to meet the same specifications as the other memory, he told me that in their company they bought new memory for several machines, the new memory isnt the same manufacturer, or model, they also dont look the same, they just are the same specifications, and theyre currenlty working properly in all the machines, so......whats wrong then?



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btw, since i wrote that and until now, ive been working with VIZ without any problem, so it seems its a random thing, which i find strange, cuz if it was in fact the new memory causing problems, shouldnt it cause problems everytime?

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If your concerned that memory is causing an issue...




Run 2-3 passes. (There are both floppy and ISO boot images avail for download).


This program stresses JUST the memory, and will reveal possible faults/damaged dimms.


A single error is sometimes due to misconfiguration, while multiple errors indicate a bad or damaged dimm, or an improperly spec'd dimm or FSB.


Generally you should stick to the same branding/manufacturer of dimm if you want maximum stability. Its not necessary however, its just preferred.

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