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Tennis Players Images


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I had the same problem. The client insisted on tennis players. The solution I came up with was buying some images of tennis players off gettyimages.com and doing a little cut and paste in photoshop. You could also hit the local courts with a camera and bribing some tennis players so you can take a picture of them. I probably should have done the latter but I just passed the cost on to the client and the cold winter months aren't the best for finding tennis players on the courts.


Good luck,

I'd be interested in finding out what you do.


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Blaz (W) - I have not received anything yet. Any chance the files are too big? My account should take at least 2 mbs.


If you wouldn't mind, I have an alternative email at emotion7@emotion7.com .


Many thanks.



I have checked for stock photos, but the image is being rendered at about 4400 pxs, so I dont' want to put something that will be in the foreground at 72 dpi (compressed).



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