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Welcome to what I consider the finest such forum in the industry. As another beginner, I think you have taken a big step by connecting with this unique group of professionals.


Getting to your question, in my relatively short time with this forum I have been singularly impressed by the tutorials by Montree T. You can find them at:




Good luck,


Bob Gerber

Gerber Grafix

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I can't say enough good things about the video tutorials on 3dBuzz.com. They are no longer free, precisely, but for a $35 annual membership you can download everything on the site. You can't beat these tutorials with a nuke round. Jason Buzzby is a 3ds Max guy, and his expertise shines through in this presentation. I know the Maya tutorials sucked, but the 3ds Max tutorials are the best I have ever seen.


For an entire year I spent $69 a pop on Lightwave training DVDs. I did these for about a year with little success. Using Buzz's tutorials, I advanced further using 3ds Max than I ever did with Lightwave in a megar three weeks.


Buzz also has a specific VTM on Lighting theory in 3ds Max. Also you can find 52 audioless video tutorials on how to use V-RAY at Evermotion.org. There is a ton of stuff about lighting in there, especially global illumination.


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