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BSOD with External USB drive

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I'm going to do some more testing today, but found out last night that as soon as I turn on one of my external USB drives my machine BSODs. I am hooked up through a USB hub and tried to switching to another hub that does work for one of my other drives, but that did not help. I'm going to swap the harddrives between my two external cases, to see if it's the case or the HD. ANy ideas? What else I should check? They worked fine for months and then.....

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Just confirmed that it is the drive itself that is causing the problems on my system. The next question is is the drive toast or can I salvage it. It's only backup data, so I can wipe the disk and re-do a full system backup if need be.

The BSOD eror I am getting is "Page Fault in Non-Page Area"

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Is the device self-powered? When I shut down my machine (whenever THAT happens) it will generate a BSOD at the very end. Boxx tells me its an issue with the USB drives being still on. Have you tried turning on the USB device AFTER its plugged in?


I have an external HD and DVD burner on USB without trouble beyond the shutdpwn thing.

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The problem happens if I turn on the device (from the power switch on the USB casing) when the computer is already on, or if the USB drive is on and I try to log into windows. I never had any problems with either of my drives before, but this one is now giving me problems.


I've been running a sector scan on the drive with the Seagate tools since this morning and it's only 58% done after 5 hours. Looks like it may be a while until I can access my conputer. (I'm typing this from my wife's computer).


I ran the basic drive scan and it found no problems so I ran the full scan.....


If it finds no errors, I really don't know what to do.

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Ok I'm at a loss as to what I need to do. To recap:


I have a Seagate 120 GB Ultra ATA drive that when attached to a system causes a BSOD with the error "Page Fault in non paged area"


I have done the following:


1. Tried the drive in multiple USB external cases

2. Tried different USB ports and cables

3. Attached the USB drive to another computer

4. Connected the drive directly to the MB as a slave

5. Run the full Seagate diagnostic scans including the 9 hour sector scan.


In every case the drive causes the system to BSOD except when it is accessed from the Seagate tools. All of the scans indicate there are no problems with the drive and Seagate tech support tells me that if the scans do not show anything then the drive is not at fault. If it crashes two seperate systems how can it not be the drive?



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:) I am glad that worked Jeff! :) So is XP still evil? HEH! :) Come to think of it the MFT is in Win2k and NT too if NTFS is used :)


To avoid fragmenting the MFT you might want to edit your regiustry so that more than 12.5% of space is allocated for the MFT in XP:


'fsutil behavior set mftzone'


Setting 1, the default, reserves approximately 12.5 percent of the disk.


Setting 2 reserves approximately 25 percent.


Setting 3 reserves approximately 37.5 percent.


Setting 4 reserves approximately 50 percent.


In Win2k you have to edit the registry for that to happen.

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