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modeling techniques-quick researh


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Hi guys! :)

this is my first thread here; hope i found the most suitable part of the topic to post it!


this thread is trying to be a quick research based on your opinions


1) I would like to ask you to tell me what modeling techniques do you think that are OBSOLETE at present time or will be in near future

And a few words about WHY do you think it is obsolete.


2) What do you think which modeling technique is going to be the FUTURE ? (you can branch them in different production areas if you like)

oh, and please explain here too why you chose what you chose.


3) If you have an idea about a modeling technique that does not exist yet but you would like to work with; please describe it shortly


I hope it makes sense, and lots of you will comment on this..

sso, what do you think ?


thanks very much in advance !

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