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Great image and great attention to details. The foliage is outstanding! I really like the grass material that you're using too. The image looks a bit blurry and grainy. The roof looks really worn and dirty, but more than likely is your attempt to hide tiling. There is also apparent tiling in the stone facade. I would work on that - adjust the UVW mapping gizmo in the +Z direction for each facade. Finally, it looks a bit soft and painterly. Dont quite know why. Perhaps a bit more contrast would help??


Lookin good,


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Thanks for the comments. The image is rendered in C4D. I have noticed the low contrast with some of my other images too. Kinda soft and pale. Some experimenting with the light helped, but not much. Is it the HDRI that I am using? I did notice the repetition on some of the textures. Thanks for the advice.

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