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Video card problem

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The video card is a Leadtek GF4 Ti4200. The card was fine for about 6 months then suddenly it started acting up. If I leave the computer on for a few days the card starts to overheat and when I go to play a movie or a game the video will start pausing or the computer will just crash and reboot, after it reboots the first screen that comes up with the video card info is all messed up with blocks etc. If I turn off the computer and let it cool for a while it goes back to normal.


I took the card back to the manufacturer and they benchmarked it for 2 hours and told me it was fine. So I thought maybe it was some other hardware issue. Anyway I decided it was time for a cpu/mobo upgrade so recently I've upgraded to a A7N8X-X mobo & Athlon 2500+ cpu. Did a fresh install of Windows XP too. So the card was fine again for about a week, I figured the problem was gone then all of a sudden it starts playing up again!! I'm sick to death of it. Should I go out and buy some additional cooling for the card??? I've also tried heaps of different Nvidia drivers to no avail. Currently using the 52.16 drivers. Hope someone can help me out.

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Does the system seize, or go garbled on you?


If its seizing, the car's probably overheating. Where is the card located in the case? Does the case have adequate ventillation? Normally ti 4200's don't have heating problems, so I would have suggested returning the card for a new one, but it seems you've already tried that.


So then...give us the full system specs.


Power supply, case type, ram in the system, type/amount of ram, # of case fans, cpu cooler, (know the board/chip already).


Are you overclocking? Did you use default bios settings or set them yourself? How many drives in the system? Peripherals? (CDROM's etc)


How many cards in the PCI slots?

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Well I recently purchased a new case & PSU when I upgraded so I now have an Antec 350W with 1 case fan. I now have 256MB of DDR ram, before I had 512MB of SD ram. The cpu cooler is the stock fan, I don't overclock & use default bios settings. 2 CDROM drives, 1 dvd & 1 dvd burner.


The only thing that remains the same from my last system is the creative sound card 128 which I dont even use, the network card & the cdrom drives. I think I've basically ruled out everything and it's come down to the video card. I might go and buy some extra cooling for the card today, I really don't have time to send it back to the manufacturer and wait 2 months for them to test it again. Last time I sent the card back they gave me a GF2MX to borrow in the meantime and my system was rock stable.

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It sure sounds like you've tried everything. You've even got a rock solid board. The only weak link in your entire system is probably the pestilence filled creative labs card (i hate creative labs).


I'm sorry leadtek if giving you crap. It really sounds like your looking at just having to get another card :(.

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