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master bedroom evening scene


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The thing that pops out to me the most is the lamps. It seems as I they are emitting lights themselves as opposed to a bulb inside them. Have a close look at one o those lamps they tend to be semi transparent almost opaque maybe like 90% opaque you should have a a pretty bright hot spot in the middle and a soft gradient going towards the outside and the light should be very strong along the top and bottom o it Which is where most of the light will be coming from casting on the walls, and floor.

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It all dependso n what you are after, If you want realism, then it wouldnt look like the render because if its in the evening and only those two lights are lighting in the background then the foreground would look much darker and become increasingly bright as it comes closer to the light, and not a diffuse ambient lighting as there but then that would be very boring and wouldnt show the model off very well.


I think that by cranking up the gamma the scene is supposed to be lit in the evening but its mega bright and there are only those lamps as light emmiters.

I would also never mess with the gamma of an image, I would toy around with the exposure a bit and you would get the same effect.

Are you following a linear workflow?

also the bed sheets need looking at

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