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Hydro cooling

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Can someone refer me to maybe another forum or point me to the right direciton to do some reseach on hydro cooling? someone suggested the corsair H70 for a CPU which seems like a SAFE solution. What else is out there epcially for graphics card cooling. I know for instance EVGA make a cooling block for some of their cards. I wonder that I would need to use it to cool a card.

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I have a Hydro H50. It is basically the same as the H70 but the thickness of the radiator is smaller than the new H70. It works good for cooling the cpu. Air circulation in the case is still critical though.

As for gpu cooling, you are getting into a whole slew of things. You would need the gpu cooling block of course, but also a radiator, reservoir, pump, fittings, fluid, etc etc etc.


Personally I would just use eVGAprecision to OC and turn up the fan speed on your card and just make sure to get good ventilation in your case for your card.

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Hi Chris, I have heard good thing from a coleague about the H50 and have seen the unit installed and working. Very nice unit. I have cerently found information about a product by COOLIT called Vantage A.L.C.



Great features, has anyone heard of his company and their product reliability? - the main feature I like is their alarm should something go wrong. But I wonder if the pull push configurartion of the H70 offsets the bells and whistles. They also make a Card cooling system.

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