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Interior Lighting Question


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Hi all,


I have a brief question and hopefully its an easy answer which I have just missed and can't see!


As seen below in my current interior scene (regardless of mats this was a lighting test) where the sunlight comes into the interior and casts itself on the floor and bookshelf, at the end of the light there is the slight fall off in lighting, a bit like a gradient tail off.


I am not sure how to rid myself of this or make it less obvious, is it to do with shadow subdivs?


I am using Vray planar lights at the window and a Vray sun.


Any ideas?

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This is controlled by the shadow subdivisions in the Vray sun which are set to 3 by default. Try upping it to at least 8 to get a smoother gradient. The sharpness/softness of your shadows is controlled by the size of the sun. By default it is 1, this is fine for midday but for morning/dusk you might want to increase it to around 4.

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