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Need Help Urgently......


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I couldn't understand why Max and Vray get closed when memory used increased by 3000 MB how to handle it and how to use more memory. Kindly pls help me I'm in a very big problem It seems like max is not able to use more than 3 GB even I have more than 8 Gb and 24 Gb system how to get the maximum use of Ram and Graphic card.

Pls come with your views and share with me.

Thanks alot.

Manoj Upadhyay

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-Do you have the Global material set to Architectural ( imported autocad/Revit stuff.) If so, get rid of that.

-Make sure that you have no pure white ( 255,255,255) materials.. they can bounce to infinite.. white values should never be full 255

-Do you have displacements maps in there, they can get heavy..

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