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Monitor panels TN vs. IPS

Brodie Geers

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I'm looking into getting a new computer as well as some monitors. I've been reading a lot that suggests that IPS panels are the way to go for color management but one of our I.T. guys has an anecdotal story from a friend who doesn't think there's much difference.


Do those of you using IPS panel monitors see a noticeable difference?


I should mention that I'm basically doing 3d rendering and photoshop work with the end result either being high end prints for architectural meetings or sending the image files to clients via email. Often times I have to match specific color samples so color representation is fairly important but I don't want to spend $1,000+ for a monitor (or even $400 if the difference isn't noticeable).



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For color matching, go IPS. A TN display does not correctly handle full 24-bit RGB, it uses 6 bits per channel and fudges the difference. You need a monitor with good gamut that will calibrate well (you must use a hardware calibrator).


The 3DATS Advanced to Expert book has a lot of info on color control. (See here: http://shop.cgarchitect.com/hero.html for information on a discount.) Also, I put up a list of a few recommended monitors and calibrators here: http://www.3datstech.com/ (scroll to bottom of page)

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