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More than 15 Mat-ID channels possible?


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Can someone tell me if there is any possibility to have more than the current 15 material ID Channels?

I use the material ID channels in combination with the multimatterenderelements, and sometimes in complex projects 15 mat ID`S are not enough.

So i have to define 2 Materials on one channel, which works in general, but it would be nicer if had more channels.

I guess that there is no possibility for more than 15 channels in max, but maybe someone can tell me his workaround when he needs more then 15 materialmasks.

I work with 3ds max 9 and Vray 1,5 sp4a


Best Regards


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This limitation is within the 3ds Max UI and is rather old functionality (anybody remember when the mat id flyout was added? it's been many years) ... I requested the ability to override the mat id from within the VRay material itself thus giving us as many mat id's as we need. I haven't seen it myself but it's been added to current builds / future releases of VRay.



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