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Background for a Quicktime Panoramic


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I'm not quite sure what the correct terminolgy is but hopefully people know what i mean when i say quicktime Panoramics, where you convert your 3dmax camera to a 360d camera, you upload it into a specific program and you end up with a nice little quicktime interactive file where the user can look around 360d and see what their new room etc will look like.


At the moment I have a couple of generic backgrounds that seem to work but what i'd like to do is be able to allow clients to look out from their new conservatory/extension and see their own garden. Does anyone know exactly how i would actually do such a thing.


My initial off the cuff gues would be i stand at a specific spot where the new extension would be, then take a series of photos working my way round so youd get say 9 photos at say 20d from left to right. If my guess is correct, how would you actually put them together to make one photo, a lot of photoshop work?


Also i assume youd really need a tripd to pull it off correctly or could you do a half decent job doing it hand held?


Sort of related, sort of not, but see if you wanted to do the exact same but for a real house, so no max invloved, what would be required from a camera point of view. Is it something you could pull off with a normal camera and a whole lot of photos or would you need some expensive camera to do the job?

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There are a number of progs out there that stitch photos together although I just use photoshop. If you do a cylindrical panorama this is quite straightforward but a full spherical one can be tricky. For this I create a cylinder around my whole scene with an opacity gradient at the top. I surround this with a dome of blue sky allowing my background to fade through to the sky. Hope that helps.

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