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Release 9


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Having played with the demo for a day, I think they've done a pretty good job.


N-gons, SPD, measuring tool, shadow cache, and a whole host of small-but-good workflow improvments really add up to a big improvment for visualisation work - and that's ignoring the cloth and Mocca stuff. The new orbit rotator and the moveable modelling axis are worth a few $$ just on their own...


The upgrade price is a bit steep though...


Mike A.


PS: In case you can't find it - hit 'v' on the keyboard for the global pop-up ;)

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...I have ordered the update today,..its pretty good,...SBD is fantastic, so the work combine with ZBrush is no problem anymore...and the 16 bit maps support is a must. :D ,...for the n-gones we must wait to long *g*...and clothilde is a very powerfull tool for clothing-animation.,...there are a lot of good new features,..with this release maxon made a big jump,... :)

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