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Suggestion plz...


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here i got several questions and problems and plz plz help me..

all the scene (1 - 4) was on radiosity photometric light need ur suggestion.

- my setting for radiosity : 2 area light(xenon), int.qual. 85-95%, refined10,meshing parameter (170mm) and log.exposure contr...rest were default.


-scene 1, i used white material for the walls and the enviroment looks bright enough. (acceptable for me)

-scene 2, i added some wood material for the furniture and the enviroment looks so different(affect by the material so much). why!

-scene 3, i changed the color from xenon to metal halide. why it's seem not different to the environment.?

-scene 4, whenever i want to give some color(except white) such red, the object emit more light to the whole environment.. why.



1. what type of material suitable when using radiosity (shader or something)

2. how can i get stainless steel material when using radiosity? the setting plz.. :)

3. how to reduce the light produce by the material? in radiosity

4. why the material color i set in material editor would be different compare before radiosity and also the mapping problem. both become hard to control

5.what material shader is suitable when using radiosity.


i am sorry coz the question too much.. and english too poor

i am waiting for ur reply


thank in advance,

regard acheng... :)

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Good start..which software you are using


I may not reply you exactly what you asked for..can share with you some issues...with AutoDesk Viz 4.o


Any shader or material would do but you need to use radiosity override in order to get nearest reflectance values. These values differ according to material; you can search on this forums ; good recommendations are given.


Some times it might need to correct rgb values of bitmaps to get good look especially when you are using logarthic exposure settings...


Good luck...;)

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hi Bhanu,

i am using 3ds max 6. thank for ur reply... yup, i also read some reference about transmittance and reflactance and u mentioned. but i think it would take me some time to understand it. could u tell me how can i get the light affect on the wall(hanging lamp). i tried to use spotlight(standard light) and it end up too bright circle effect to the floor so i decress the lamp intensity but the result would no light on the wall...? :confused:

thank again.

keep a good job..



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