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Gravel Material Set-up in Mental Ray


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xoio has a great gravel texture that can be found here: http://xoio.de/2011/gravel-map-pack-freebie/


Unfortunately for me it is set up for vray. I am attempting to use the provided maps to set up a similar material in mental ray - but am coming up short.


Here is what I am getting from mental ray (nowhere close to xoio's image):



Obviously the displacement and diffuse maps are working. Where should the provided AO shader go? I have it set up in a "standard" material.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks Elevation,


I'm still not quite there - but getting closer. Here is what I am getting with the A&D material. I also included the material setup.




Any other thoughts?

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I don't use the slate material editor so it all looks a little weird to me. But you probably don't want to have a map on the AO Shadow Map Color. My guess is they are using that map labled AO in the diffuse slot combined with the diffuse map in a composite material.


But...I don't have v-ray so I can't say for sure. The color of the gravel in their sample rendering is certainly much different than that of the diffuse map.

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Thanks for the tips - and yes, I agree. The provided diffuse color map is the yellow/orange color. Without vray I'm not sure how they are getting it to be the gray rocks. Their sample image also has much more definition for each rock, shows, shape, etc.


I will keep experimenting with it. Anyone out there with vray to help? Thanks!

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Here are the adjustments:




Could be done pretty easily in photoshop to make a single diffuse image.


Not sure about the displacement settings as it is set both in the material and modifier levels. At modifier level, it is set to:


0.1m distance

512 resolution


UVW is set to planar 4.0m x 4.0m

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