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Soft Materials + Soft lighting test


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Studio/Institution: Antoine Desjardins
Genre: Residential Interior
Software: 3DS Max - Mental Ray - Photoshop

Here's a WIP for a photomatch I've been working on. I was attracted to the soft lighting/materials in the photo so I tried to mimic it. The original photo will be posted shortly for comparison. The one Item I've been struggling with is making the couch's cushions more fluffy. If anyone knows a good way to make the cushions look more realistic, I'd appreciate the advice. C&C are welcome.

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Nice lighting Antoine.

For cushions I also like to use the relax modifier. Don't forget to use the ffd on the top of the cushion a little more.

The throw pillows are great :)


Better get some better book cover textures though :) I have a few squirreled away if you want some. You can find some good ones through Bing or Google as well.

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