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Tropical Villa

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Studio/Institution: Stayinwonderland
Client: me
Genre: Commercial Exterior
Software: 3dsmax, vray
Website: http://www.stayinwonderland.com

Just putting the finishing touches to this.


Things i'm a bit hmmm about:


- where the water meets the villa. Looks to straight? I do want the water to be pretty calm though as sheltered pools don't have waves.

- is the composition strong?

- maybe the pool lights are too big/clumsy?

- not happy with the wooden beams. Given the lighting and their distance from the camera, it's hard to make them look realistic.



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unless u put some sort of barrier between the water and the concrete (like ceramic tiles) water will ruin the concrete.. plus yes it looks to straight as u said, a ledge of marble top and ceramic on the wall would look nice.. and maybe some fishy? :) dont put sharks or piranhas :D


beams r a nice touch i think but maybe u could make them a lil thinner..

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