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Cityscape help needed Sketchup 8.0

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I have a little project on this week and apparently Sketchup might be helpful to use. I don't use any 3D software right now, so go easy on me!


It's for a sort of cityscape. A friend that used Sketchup a few years ago said that you can get plugins for doing that kind of thing. The finished image doesn't need to be 3d, I'm just going to paint it in photoshop, but it would help if I could map the thing out as a model to paint over.


Anyone on here know about this stuff? I'll probably have more than a few questions as I stagger blindly along.



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Hm, probably too late now after it's one week later now.


Just to mention you'd be easy learning sketchup just by using it, maybe view one or two basic tutorials on the web, youtube or so.


There are plugins, sure, but they only do what they are told to do, there is no magic cityscape button, but as far as you just need it for volume and perspective things maybe you can do this by hand in SU and draw over it in Photoshop. That's what should work in very little learning time.


There are plugins like cityengine to make what the name says, cityengine has a free demo.


SU (not SU Pro) is free and quick. You can access the google warehouse and maybe / probably find some cityscape there as well.

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