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Residential Exterior - Low Rise


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Studio/Institution: Antoine Desjardins
Client: *private*
Genre: Residential Exterior
Software: 3DS Max - Mental Ray - Photoshop
Website: http://www.coroflot.com/antoined

Looking for some C&C... I'm adding most vegetation in post to keep render times down and I'm having a hard time getting a logical landscape design for this image.

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Love the building Antoine. The bushes on the right look like they are really crowding the building. I think that some of the interior lights are a bit to bright. As far as landscaping goes, maybe get rid of the big bushes out front and put in some flower beds ans smaller hedges in amongst the cobble stone path.

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rendering looks very nice :) I like it very much.


But perspective is boring, and there is no depth in your image!


look, those are plans u have there . 0,1,2,3





There, I added green arrow. It's pointing , like 100 meters of desert, in front of this building.


You should add something between 0 and 1 ( people? car? )

and absolutely between 1 and 2.



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