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Oh this sucks


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I think your main problems relate to the quality of your radiosity solution and your use of the exposure settings. Here's a few tips for you to try.


On the exposure controls, turn off Daylight (because I didn't see any windows with strong sunlight), and then adjust your brightness in your viewport (after you have your radiosity solved it will be interactive).


As for the radiosity, try these settings. Quality = 95-98%, Refine Iterations = 20-50, Filtering = 1, Global Subdivision = 12".


Also, in my experience, it's not a "must" to have your 2x2 lights as actual 2x2 area lights with ray traced shadows. A normal ies free point light with the correct ies web file and a shadow map, has been fine for typical images.


Good luck and make sure you repost your progress.



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My Goodness! it really sucks Bro. Your rendering is too flat! Mapping as well

is not properly tiled.Camera view as well. First you experiment with your materials. Check the tutorial Archives on CG Architect. Lighting....if you plan to make use of radiosity, here are some input values you need to use:

Initial quality from 80-90, refine iterations:4, filtering:3 and meshing size:.30.

I'm using free point for my ambient lighting, spotlights and free area lights for my actual lightings. Try to check the links for references as well.


anyway keep up!




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