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Problem exporting from Max to DWG.


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Hi, I have a problem - I need to export this, and soon more similar models to various formats to make those models aviable for other software. With this particular model, .3ds and .obj export work fine (at least when I`m testing it, importing back to 3ds Max) but when I import the .dwg back into Max, parts of geometry are missing, and there are holes.


software: 3ds Max 2012


I`v attached images,

1 = model in max before exporting to DWG

2=model imported from (just created) dwg into Max


Some side polygons and most of bottom ones are missing!


I tried changing topology of bottom part, removing some edges and cutting differently, but it`s a lot of edges so I only done it to some extend, but the problem stayed similar.


Perhaps someone got similar experiences, or can give me some advice, or direct me to some solutions.. I`ll be grateful.



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Dunno, it's just a thought though, you may want to try cutting these models into smaller items. I was thinking specifically of cutting it through the middle of the "O" so to get away from island apertures. Autocad will show a line at the cuts though.


Hope it helps.

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